This blog is about our vacations in Europe, around the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea in Africa. My husband and I have travelled in these areas since 2004.

When planning our trips, we have searched for travel books and blogs about places which are not tourist magnets. It is quite hard to find information like this.

Therefore, after travelling for many years, I decided to start a travel blog. As the Finnish version (johannahurmerinta.com) has received great feedback and lots of readers from the beginning, I decided to start a travel blog also in English. (I apologize in advance for any grammar errors, as English is not my mother tongue).

I hope my travel blog gives you tips on where to travel next time – new places which you have not heard of before.

I wish my travel blog offers inspiration as well as a virtual travel tour – during your coffee break at work or later in the evening when you have time to relax at home, when it rains outside, or when you enjoy a sunny day under a clear blue sky in your backyard. 

There is so much to see in the world… different cultures, nature, the ocean, sandy beaches, architecture, food and people.

Radisson at Tala Bay Jordania_5


Masked Butterflyfish The Creative Way




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Travel stories by Johanna Hurmerinta

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