Pisa, Ferrari and Angels

We flew from Helsinki to Pisa, Italy. We love to fly with Finnair. Finnair offers direct flights to many interesting cities and quality before and during the flight.

Finnair flight has arrived at Pisa

Pisa is a historical city full of beautiful buildings, churches, old towers and is known for its leaning tower (the bell tower of the city’s cathedral).

ps. click on the photos to see them in a larger size

Pisa_the leaning tower and Ile

The leaning tower can be found at Piazza dei Miracoli. There are many street signs to help you find it.

Pisa_Piazza dei miracoli sign

In Pisa people take the bicycle, walk or move around with a scooter. You can come to Pisa with your car, but it is best to park it before you cross the bridges to the old town.

Pisa city

To avoid the rush hours, if you like to stroll around easily, come to the city early in the morning. We came down from our house in the Montemagno hills after nine o´clock and there were quite a lot of people by ten. The hot summer sun is also something to take into account. Remember a hat and the water bottle.

Hurmerinta goes Pisa

On the highway, on our way to Pisa, we saw one of our favourite cars – a red Ferrari. I snapped a quick photo when it passed us.

I told my husband “Hit the pedal – I want another photo of that Ferrari“. My husband looked at me and said calmly “Our Italian Alfa Romeo is a really nice car, but don’t ask for something impossible“. 😉

Ferrari goes Pisa

We parked our car before the bridges to the old town. Walking along the river Arno is nice.

Pisa_River Arno


At the Piazza dei Miracoli, you find the Fountain of Angels (La Fontana dei putti).

Pisa_fountain of angels

There is so much history and beauty at the Piazza dei Miracoli. You will be amazed.

Pisa_city_piazza dei miracoli

Before leaving Pisa, we sat down and enjoyed a glass of cold water and a double espresso. There are plenty of cafeterias and coffee shops to choose from.

Pisa_coffee shop

We walked along the river Arno, on our way back to our car.  It was beautiful, calm, silent and amazing.

Pisa_Johanna Hurmerinta


I can warmly recommend a day or two in Pisa. You will love it.


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